The Trader Vic Index® allows access to both rising and falling price trends within a cross section of futures markets in an innovative, multi-asset, transparent index. Please use this website to learn more about the index’s construction and history.


No assurances can be made that the TVI® will achieve its objectives or that losses will be avoided. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Investors cannot invest directly in the TVI®. Investment products utilizing the TVI® are speculative and involve a substantial degree of risk. See “Summary of Risk Factors” in the Terms of Use.

EAM Partners L.P. itself does not provide portfolio management services or any other form of investment advice. In particular, EAM Partners L.P. itself does not direct client accounts or provide commodity trading advice based on or tailored to the commodity interests or cash markets or other circumstances of a particular client. None of the information or material on this website is intended, or should be used, as any form of advice or recommendation. All information provided herein is subject to change without notice.